Brenda L Williams


Brenda L. Williams is a motivational coach, dynamic speaker, teacher, workshop facilitator, and conference host. Her mission is to share the Good News and equip with knowledge and understanding that lead to victorious living.

Brenda is the founder and organizer of the S.W.A.T. Educational Institute. Through programs offered here, youth glean the opportunity to enroll in educational studies and practical hands-on training in Becoming a “Better You.”

Brenda loves people and has a passion for teaching, and has trained countless individuals across the United States in the art of overcoming life challenges. She resides in Dallas, Texas, and has an adult son, Brandon Williams. Brenda attends The Oaks Fellowship Church, where she is actively working with new members, serves with the baptism team, and regularly facilitates small group meetings. In all she does, she’s been a middle school teacher since 2014, where she teaches Social Studies. Brenda also serves as Vice-President of Women Wife Entrepreneur Network International.

Brenda earned her Associate Degree in Theology from Slidell Baptist Seminary in Slidell, Louisiana, in 2005. She continued her education and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology in 2014 from the Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. She then received her Master’s Degree in Leadership in 2019 at the Colangelo College of Business at Grand Canyon University. Brenda is currently pursuing her Doctorate Degree.

Beyond the Classroom

by Brenda L. Williams

In her book Beyond the Classroom, Brenda L. Williams tackles the challenges of parenting in a rapidly changing world. It provides practical lessons to help parents lead and guide their children with understanding, empathy, and compassion. Not only does her book break down the most common challenges of parenting, but it also delves into the social challenges of youth and young adults and provides helpful solutions to maneuver them. This book is a great resource tool for teachers, parents, youth leaders, and a host of other facilitators and program directors that desire to help the youth unlock their full potential. Beyond the Classroom unfolds wisdom that teaches, trains, and equips guardians on how to raise healthy, whole, and resilient children. Ms. Williams knows what it takes to steer children away from deviant behavior and towards self-regulation and positive self-regard. Learn how to exercise more emotional control and develop the skills necessary for conscious discipline by purchasing your copy of Beyond the Classroom today.


Ms Juneteenth

Brenda L Williams honored as Ms Juneteenth of the city of Duncanville, TX

Champion of the City

Brenda L Williams honored by the Mayor of Duncanville, TX


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