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Empowering the Youth to Make a Positive Impact in Our Community

The purpose of our youth training is to empower young people to discover and connect with their inner selves. We believe in what Proverbs 22:6 says: “Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from the training.” Our after-school program offers the following:


Becoming a “Better You”

We train our youth to be a "better you." S.W.A.T. Education Institute equips, educates, empowers the youth through teaching the following:


This is important to have a clear understanding of who you are as an individual. You become better when you are empowered to make changes, build on your strengths, and identify areas that need improvement.

Character and Emotional Development 

We teach the characterization of social development (i.e., self-concept and self-esteem) that aims to provide a clear understanding of different stages of emotional development.

Building Trusted Relationship 

We teach you how to build trusted relationships with your parents, friends, law enforcement, educators, and leaders of the communities. We focus on the positive of sharing your life so others can know you.

Social/Life Skills 

We teach and empower our youth to praise others, celebrate success, respect personal space, be kind, accept criticism, stay on task, and respect other’s opinion. We help our youth become better by teaching them life skills.

These include cooking, cleaning, opening and balancing a checkbook, filling out an application, and making appointments. We also make young people realize the importance of shaking hands and having eye-to-eye contact when communicating with others.

Power of Influence 

Making a big impact on something and someone can be useful in many ways. For this reason, we are committed to teaching the youth how powerful influence can be as well as the difference between negative and positive influence.

S.W.A.T. Prevention

Respecting Authority and Obeying the Laws 

In addition to teaching laws, we teach you how important it is to respect those that are in leadership and why we need to respect and obey the laws. S.W.A.T. Prevention is a 4-week training program.

Protecting Our Environment 

We teach and train you the importance of keeping the environment in our communities clean.

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Being Active in the Community

We teach you to give back to our communities by supporting community leaders and our neighborhoods to be safe.

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Resolving Violence/Conflict 

We equip and train you to know how to deal with conflict issues that occur in each individual lives. We also educate you about how serious violence is and the consequences of violent acts.

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